Beneath the GLOSS Health and Wellbeing Service

 Dedicated to Generating Local Opportunities & Social care Solutions (GLOSS)


We recognise that there are individuals doing their best to keep ahead on a number of levels whilst having to wear the 'gloss' that is sometimes required so, we are here to Generate Local Opportunities and Social care Solutions (GLOSS) by increasing the understanding of postive health and wellbeing in relation to mental health.

It can be tough for individuals working within organisations to show what they really are experiencing in terms of their health and wellbeing. We recognise that there are constraints and changing demands for individual job roles as well as what their family and friends expect of them.

Beneath the GLOSS is a solution focussed service giving individuals practical ways to weather the storms now and into the future.

There is a need to help and support the sustainable growth and access to opportunities in the education, health & wellbeing and employment sectors for those dealing day to day with mental health concerns and/or poor/reduced wellbeing.

Our service is based on working with organisations, individuals, their families, friends and professional supporters to bring about positive change to individual and group circumstances and we do this using our experience, knowledge, skills and expertise of working in the health & social care, wellbeing and the prison and probation sectors.

We empower individual and group decision making and create avenues to increased levels of skill, knowledge and experiences.


Things you need to know: 

1. We work flexibly to meet the nuances of individual community/business settings making our offering truly bespoke.

2. A range of our services can be provided online as well as face to face.

3. We are not a counselling or therapy service.


Our 6 Objectives:

1. Create a positive message around health and wellbeing.

2. Empowering individuals.

3. Deliver in support of the equality, diversity and inclusivity agenda.

4. Develop professional partnerships with organisations.

5. Develop support groups and networks.

6. Development of Community Mental Health Liaison Workers.



"Through empowerment we can do so many things once thought unachievable."


Beneath the GLOSS Health and Wellbeing Service, (2021)


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Our training courses are located at our beautiful facilities outside Mansfield, or at a destination convenient for you.

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