Beneath the GLOSS Health and Wellbeing service is dedicated to Generating Local Opportunities & Social care Solutions (GLOSS).

We recognise that there are individuals doing their best to keep ahead on a number of levels whilst having to wear the 'gloss' that is sometimes required.

It can be tough for individuals working within organisations to show what they really are experiencing in terms of their health and wellbeing. We recognise that there are constriants and changing demands for individual job roles as well as what their family and friends expect of them.

Beneath the GLOSS is a solution focussed service giving individuals practicale ways to weather the storms now and into the future.

Our main activities are:

1. To provide one to one support and guidance around employability.

2. To deliver Accredited and Open House training courses around employability, health and wellbeing solutions, building resilience and mental health awareness.

3. To give organisational support, providing strategy and procedure development, mental health awareness training, development and strengthening of internal support mechanisms.

"At any given time, one in six working age adults have symptoms associated with mental ill in four people experience mental health issues each year" Mental Health First Aid England 2020.

Throughout these main activities, The 5 Ways to Wellbeing will be promoted and incorporated in everything we do:

To Give - by encouraging individuals to support others through the development of support networks.

To Keep Learning - by providing personal development training courses that encourage independence around wellbeing and progression, building self confidence and the motivation to achieve.

To Be Active - by educating individuals on health and wellbeing issues and how activity comes in a number of formats and that there is something to suit all.

To Take Notice - by giving learners new things to think about and have the ability to recognise others with mental health issues. Every day is a new day. A day to move past what hasn't gone well and move into what might go well. The taking notice tools and techniques help individuals move from the place of what is, to a place of what can be and could be.

To Connect - by developing support groups so individuals can meet (physically and virtually), learn and support each other and provide avenues to share best practice.

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Our training courses are located at our beautiful facilities outside Mansfield, or at a destination convenient for you.

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We are proud to be an nocn accredited training centre. Delivering professionally recognised qualifications.