To become the best business possible, efforts need to be made to ensure that the reasons preventing employees achieving their optimal performance need identifying.

One of our main services we offer businesses is our Personal Performance Programme. I think you would all agree, in our workplace we all like to feel important and valued. This in turn is good for maintaining our own mental and physical wellbeing. To enable you to achieve your best at work and achieve your tasks, we can help develop your skills and identify what may improve your motivation. Performance is generally considered to be a function of skills and motivation, thus:

Performance=Skills x Motivation - Negative Factors.

Negative Factors are the reasons why many of us struggle at work and it could be due to a vast variety of reasons. We would ask you structured questions to determine what could be holding you back. You may need extra support, advise, training. You could also have personal problems, which you would not want to share with your employer. This is why private businesses and employees like to use us, because we are independent, confidential and can offer solutions.

Some of the solutions that we offer:


We can help identify any skills gaps in your job role and provide a variety of training courses to close these gaps. Refer to our Training Courses page.

Can help you understand yourself, the people you may encounter and learn how best deal with possible work challenges.


We use a variety of strategies to help motivate you.

Offer solutions to employers on how to promote motivation and develop a positive work culture.

Negative Factors:

Stress Prevention - concerned with removing work related stressor, through changing the design, managament or organisation of the work.

Timely Reaction - improves your ability to deal with problems as they arise.

Treating the Effects - help employees who are already experiencing work-related stress. Could involve using our coaching and mentoring services.












Our training courses are located at our beautiful facilities outside Mansfield, or at a destination convenient for you.

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